When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue, email, or any other method with the owners of this repository before making a change.

Pull Request Process

Please note we have a code of conduct, please follow it in all your interactions with the project. The workflow advice below mirrors SaltStack's own guide and is well worth reading.

  1. Fork warpnet/salt-lint on GitHub.

  2. Make a local clone of your fork:

git clone
cd salt-lint
  1. Add warpnet/salt-lint as a git remote:
git remote add upstream
  1. Create a new branch in your clone. Create your branch from the main branch:
git fetch upstream
git checkout -b add-cool-feature upstream/main
  1. Edit and commit changes to your branch:
vim path/to/file1 path/to/file2
git diff
git add path/to/file1 path/to/file2
git commit

Write a short, descriptive commit title and a longer commit message if necessary::

Add cool feature

Fixes #1

# Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting
# with '#' will be ignored, and an empty message aborts the commit.
# On branch fix-broken-thing
# Changes to be committed:
#       modified:   path/to/file1
#       modified:   path/to/file2
  1. Push your locally-committed changes to your GitHub fork::
git push -u origin add-cool-feature
  1. Find the branch on your GitHub salt fork.

  2. Open a new pull request. Click on Pull Request on the right near the top of you fork. Choose main as the base branch. Review that the proposed changes are what you expect. Write a descriptive comment. Include links to related issues (e.g. 'Fixes #1.') in the comment field. Click Create pull request.

  3. Salt-lint project members will review your pull request and automated tests will run on it.

Feel free to raise issues in the repo if you don't feel able to contribute a code fix.